Resiliency Lab

Lab Description:

Recognizing that issues on system resiliency are too complex for any single project or funder to tackle, the Resiliency Lab adopts the social lab and open innovation approach, distributing the research work across as many stakeholders as possible through an online platform that optimizes emergence and scaleup of solutions.

Academic research is cultivated by identifying real-world resiliency problems in the post-Haiyan setting and other recent calamities. Industry partners are encouraged to create shared value by pointing out vulnerabilities exposed in the value-chains of their industries and ecosystems, and then supporting research and rapid prototyping of solutions to specific problems. For example, a food corporation may support research to help their farmer-suppliers to survive typhoons, or a mobile carrier may collaborate on developing mobile apps for community disaster preparedness.

The Resiliency Lab is an initiative by Civika, a social venture developed by students of Harvard and MIT at MIT’s D-Lab.


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Country: Philippines
City: Manila City

Resiliency Lab